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Supporting organizations that make a positive impact in the lives of children with developmental disabilities through education, treatment and/or inclusion.

Education:  Each child must have an individualized program that contains written measurable goals and an evaluation of progress towards those goals.

Treatment: Therapies used to develop and reach a child's potential, excluding services delivered by medical professionals or healthcare providers that treat physical symptoms and diseases.  These therapies will directly enhance the areas of major life activity stated in the definition for developmental disabilities.

Inclusion: The opportunity for children with developmental disabilities to participate in any appropriate activities available in community, school and home environments. The degree of interaction is based on each child's potential.

Helping Agencies Make A Difference

Imagine being nine years old and never having spoken a full sentence. Or, a child left behind when his or her brothers and sisters go off to overnight camp.

These and many other children have been given the chance to do what other children take for granted because they have the support of the Special Kids Foundation. Since our inception we have given approximately $3 million dollars in grants to agencies that believe as we do; all children deserve the opportunity to grow and develop in his or her own unique way.

The children we support will require a great deal of treatment and care throughout their lives. Our belief is that they should have complete access to treatment and education as early as possible, and their caregivers must be aware of all available resources. With special education, speech and physical therapy, integrated respite, camp, theater, vocational training and assistive technology these children can grow to be healthy, productive and more independent adults.