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How to Apply

Photo of a pencil tip and several check boxesBefore submitting a grant proposal, please thoroughly review the foundation's:  

       -   Mission statement  
       -   Definition for developmental disability  
       -   Geographic area review

Grant applications must be in our office by the due date. The annual application form is posted on the website no later than January 15th. Please answer all the questions on the application form and be sure to include all requested attachments with your proposal.


Download the 

If your proposal arrives incomplete, we will notify you of its missing components. You will have three days from the due date to provide the missing information. Special Kids Foundation has a two-stage review process. First, all applications are read and evaluated by the volunteer Grant Committee. At our meeting, held in the Spring, the committee determines which applications will proceed to the second stage, a site visit. Site visits are conducted throughout the summer. Final meetings are held in July and/or August to make the final grant decisions. Grant checks are awarded at an event in September.