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Photo of female hand signing documentIt is simple to remember the Special Kids Foundation in your will. Bequests are critically important to our organization. They provide a source of support that is not subject to fluctuations in the economy. They come from individuals whose loyalty to our work runs very deep.

The following wording is for educational purposes only. It is always best to review any changes in your will with an attorney to make sure that the change is consistent with your entire estate plan.

How to remember our organization in your estate plan.

Four of the most popular forms bequests can take are:

  • A fixed amount of money or a designated property:
    • "I give to (legal name and tax identification number), located in (City), (State), $____________ (or describe the real or personal property, including exact location.)"
  • A percentage of the estate:
    • "I give to (legal name and tax identification number), located in (City), (State), ___________% to my estate."
  • A residual bequest:
    • "I give all the residue of my estate, including real and personal property, to (legal name and tax identification number), located in (City), (State).
  • A double-purpose bequest.
    • You can provide a relative or friend with income for life through a special gift to our organization. You can do this by establishing a charitable trust through your Will. Upon your death, the trust pays income to the person you designate. After that person's death, whatever remains in the trust passes to our organization.
Consult an attorney when preparing legal documents.