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Other Giving Opportunities

Picture of a small girl ballerinaBequests

A gift of cash can be made as a bequest in your will.

Gifts of Securities

Stocks or other investments that have grown in value can become a substantial gift made at a net cost to you. You receive a charitable deduction for the donation of these assets based on their fair market value on the date of the gift. In addition, you avoid all federal capital gains tax that would otherwise be due on the sale of the assets.

Gifts That Provide Income for Life

Many givers find themselves in a position of holding assets that would make important gifts at some time in the future but are currently required to provide for present needs. By placing such property into a charitable remainder trust, a unique gift arrangement can be made that would provide income to you and your beneficiaries. At the end of a specified period (such as the donor’s or the beneficiary’s lifetime) the remainder of the trust’s assets would be transferred to us.

We can work with you and your financial advisor to determine which form of giving is best for you.